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Discover the fascinating fusion of charm and functionality at Kubik OXY

This piece of furniture goes beyond conventional design, offering efficiency and comfort reinvented. Immerse yourself in its exceptional elegance and transform any space into an oasis of beauty and practicality. Kubik OXY brings you meticulous details that combine aesthetics and utility. Let its majestic presence enhance your environment with style and functionality in perfect harmony.

The home of the future.

The new revolution in consumer electronics. Smart furniture designed to improve your daily life by unlocking a wide range of technological functionalities that will increase your well-being and efficiency in any space. Its incredible electronics are perfectly integrated into the furniture, without affecting its design. Upgrade your lifestyle.

Wireless charging

Kubik OXY offers the convenience of charging your smartphone wirelessly (MagSafe compatible).

With a power of up to 20W

USB inputs (Type A & Type C)

2 USB chargers available (Type A & C)

If your Smartphone is compatible with Quick Charge 3, you can charge 80% of your battery in just 35 minutes.

Haptic switch

A state-of-the-art haptic switch integrated in the wood. You will be able to turn on and regulate a warm, indirect light that will make your space unique.

Try different variables

Kubik OXY is a piece of furniture that combines versatile storage space with a sturdy and robust structure. Designed for functionality, style and convenience, this piece offers a unique solution for organising your belongings efficiently. With the ability to interchange shelves, Kubik OXY allows you to adapt the design to suit your needs, saving time and reducing the stress associated with tidying and organising.

Stress reduction

Thanks to the uncovered storage space, you will have all your belongings within reach. Delight in the harmony of having a perfectly tidy space.

Designed for longevity

Its impact-resistant construction guarantees exceptional durability, giving you the peace of mind of having a reliable, quality piece of furniture.

Personalise the appearance of your furniture

By simply changing the shelves, you can completely transform the appearance and style of the Kubik OXY, giving you the freedom to experiment and create different atmospheres in your home. It´s a versatile and creative way to express your style and keep your space fresh and dynamic without having to change the entire piece of furniture.

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Kubik OXY represents the perfect amalgamation of cutting-edge technology and exquisite aesthetics. Ennobled with natural oak or ash wood slats, each surface has been delicately covered with an eco-friendly, water-resistant varnish, ensuring unparalleled protection against all liquids. We have been inspired by the most contemporary design trends to bring you a minimalist Scandinavian design furniture, which will envelop your home in a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. In Kubik OXY, you will find an impeccable fusion of functionality and unparalleled design refinement.

Confort and warmth

Inspired by the most avant-garde aesthetic trends, our Nordic design offers a fusion of simplicity, functionality and beauty. Discover the serenity of minimalist spaces and the warmth of soft tones, creating an atmosphere that invites you to relax and enjoy unforgettable moments. Let our welcoming design transform your home into a haven of contemporary style and well-being, where every corner becomes a statement of your good style and sensitivity to current trends.

Resistant and sustainable

Enjoy peace of mind and durability with our unique liquid resistant solution. We have applied a water-repellent varnish, which gives our furniture impeccable protection against spills and splashes. In addition to its unrivalled resistance, this varnish reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability, as its formula has been carefully developed to minimise our impact on the environment.

Natural oak veneer, km0

The natural oak veneer that decorates our furniture is sourced locally and sustainably. Each piece comes from nearby forests, in a commitment to environmental conservation and reducing the ecological footprint. This careful selection of locally sourced materials, known as “km0”, ensures not only the highest quality and durability, but also a positive impact on our environment.

We work with prestigious suppliers

Our wooden nightstands are manufactured with care and craftsmanship. We select high quality woods, such as oak or ash, and we cut and shape them according to the design. They are then meticulously assembled and a quality finish is applied. Each nightstand undergoes a strict quality inspection before being carefully packaged and shipped. The result is a beautiful, durable and functional nightstand, created with passion and attention to detail.

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