Intelligent AIRPORT SEAT

Airport layovers are a common and unavoidable practice on many occasions. Unfortunately, this often leads to passengers facing long waits and, as a result, widespread fatigue. The offer of real resting places is restricted to VIP lounges, excluding those passengers who do not have access to these facilities. However, this piece of furniture offers an agile solution for passenger relaxation and, at the same time, opens up a new source of revenue for the company in charge of managing the airport’s infrastructure. This chair is connected to the network and its management is fully automated.


Outstanding features:

  • Folding Surface: Our superior surface design not only provides privacy, but also offers exceptional sound and light insulation from the outside environment. This creates a peaceful atmosphere ideal for rest and relaxation.
  • Reclining Armchair: Easily controlled via a touch screen, this armchair is able to adjust its height and angle to ensure optimal user comfort, providing a customized sleeping experience.
  • Storage: With the traveler’s convenience in mind, we have incorporated a dedicated storage space for luggage and personal items during the use of the seat, maintaining a tidy and comfortable environment.
  • Touchscreen: Our multifunctional touchscreen offers entertainment, seat control and the ability to make contactless payments to access additional services you may need.
  • Charging Panel: In addition, we have equipped this recliner with a charging panel that includes two 220V sockets and two USB fast-charging sockets, ensuring that your devices are always ready and charged while you enjoy your rest.

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